Palmer Township Athletic Association

CBL league changes 2019-20


What is the biggest change this season for the league?

The CBL will be divided into 2 divisions, Competitive and Development

What will the age levels look like?

U7/8, U9i and U9c will remain in 1 division

U10- U13 boys and girls - will be divided into 2 divisions, Competitive and Development

U15-U16 - will be competitive only

What is the competitive division?

It will consist of teams that will play at a higher level of competition, which will include season standings and playoffs. This division will consist of teams that are made up of AAU and travel players, as well as players who are looking to play at the high school level and beyond. Per CBL rules, in this division, players will not be guaranteed playing time. Players must understand the concepts of offensive and defensive strategies and have strong skills in dribbling and shooting.

What is the development division?

The Development division will consists of players who's skills have not developed enough yet to play at the competitive level, are playing as a second sport and may not be able to make practices or games due to other obligations, or have never played before. This division will not have standings or playoffs, and will compete against other teams of similar skill level. Playing time will be split evenly between players. These players will have the opportunity to attend evaluations for the competitive division the following season.

How will my child be assigned to a team and division?

During registration, players will be assigned to the general Palmer basketball program. Once the registration period is completed, all players will receive an email about Competitive evaluations for their age group. All players are expected to attend evaluations. During the 2-day evaluation, players will be put through a series of skill based drills and small sided games. Coaches and Commissioners will be evaluating the players and will make the final decisions on division placement. Once the players are divided into divisions, teams will be created through a draft style process by the coaches with the supervision of commissioners. Players that do not attend the evaluation may be placed in the Development league.

Can my child be double rostered?

Players may not be double rostered within an age group. They can play Competitive OR Developmental only in their age level.

They can be double rostered by leveling up, but ONLY in their competitive or development division. (ex: YES: U10 Development to U11 Development, YES: U10 Competitive to U11 Competitive, NO: U10 Competitive to U11 Development)

What are Palmer's Goals for this change?

Our goal is to help kids learn and play in an environment that is best suited for them to thrive. We are looking forward to working in this new platform, and understand that there may be some bumps along the way, but we hope this will provide every player with an enjoyable season.

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